Public Business Plan and Webstore Now Launched

I’m happy to announce the business plan that we have been working on is now completed! After crunching the numbers and working out the best way to make this project possible, we settled on $10 million dollars for the total fundraising amount for our first site. We also decided on the South Eastern US for our first location. We will be evaluating different properties in that area in order to find the perfect location to construct the very first LARP City.

You can find the public version of the business plan here:

Also of major importance is our new webstore, that we are calling the LARP City Market, where we will sell awesome gear, t-shirts, crafting supplies, and also be a place where independent crafters can sell their products.

The LARP City Market is a vital part of our Phase 1 funding, which will allow us to commission large scale, professional, 2D and 3D concept art to show you what LARP City is going to look like, and which will be needed in order to present the idea to backers and investors in Phase 2 and 3 of our funding plan. Phase 1 funding will also allow us to host our one-of-a-kind Murder Mystery Experience at conventions across the country where we will be getting the word out about LARP City Project, and promoting LARP in general by giving convention guests a taste of immersive, high detail LARP.

Keep an eye on the LARP City Market, because our inventory of products will continue to expand as we find more great deals, or awesome items to add to our store.

If you are an independent merchant and would like to sell something on the LARP City Market, please fill out this online form.

Please continue spreading the word, and make sure to check out our store. All proceeds from the store go to funding LARP City Project.

As always, thank you for your support, it is immensely appreciated.

David PulciferPublic Business Plan and Webstore Now Launched