LARP City Project Concept Map

New Concept Art – LARP City Map

LARP City Project Concept Map

Here’s a concept drawing we had made. It shows a map of how our site might be basically laid out.

It doesn’t include everything we will have (we will also have camp grounds, showers, bathrooms and much much more), but it gives an idea of what we are looking to create. The main things we will have are a town, questing areas and battlefields.

I had the artist add a tree village in the back. I really like the idea of having a village in the trees if possible, with walkways going from tree to tree. There are a lot of safety factors to consider and disabled persons accessibility laws to think with, but for now I like the idea.

A lot of this will depend on the location that is chosen. Keep in mind that we will very soon host a vote on site location. We will have about 20-30 potential locations that you will be asked to pick your favorite from. Based on that we will select 6 locations to build on (1 in each of the major regions of the U.S.). Then we will have another vote to determine which of the 6 we work on first.

What do you think?

David PulciferNew Concept Art – LARP City Map