How to make a detective

How to Make a Detective

One of the worst nightmares a plot team can experience is spending hours developing a clever and intricate mystery, only to have it fall flat because the players have no clue how to solve it (or worse yet, don’t even know there is a mystery and just stand around wondering why the plot hasn’t started yet). This doesn’t occur all …

David PulciferHow to Make a Detective

Help Us Determine Our First Location

LARP City Project is planning to build 6 locations across the US so there can be affordable high quality LARP venues for all LARP games in the US. To help us determine the best place to put our first location we have put together a survey to get your feedback on where our first location is the most needed. So …

David PulciferHelp Us Determine Our First Location

Game Mechanics: The Rules of Good Gaming

Game Masters in any kind of role playing game, whether it is LARP or Table Top, all have a common dilemma: Rules Sometimes it is a question of what rule system to use, but more often it is a question of how to apply the rules to fit new and unique scenarios the players may present. This can involve ignoring …

David PulciferGame Mechanics: The Rules of Good Gaming

What is Roleplaying?

This is the first in a series of articles that I plan to write titled, “What is Roleplaying?” I plan to touch on some important basics of Role-Playing that honestly can’t be covered often enough, as well as some common problems that players and game administrators run into and the ways I have solved them in the past in my …

David PulciferWhat is Roleplaying?

The Concept of LARP City

With the help of our surveys I have come up with what I believe is a very good description of what we are trying to create. I would like to get your feedback. Keep in mind this is a community project, so if you don’t like something in how we are designing or setting things up, please let us know. …

David PulciferThe Concept of LARP City
LARP City Project Concept Map

New Concept Art – LARP City Map

Here’s a concept drawing we had made. It shows a map of how our site might be basically laid out. It doesn’t include everything we will have (we will also have camp grounds, showers, bathrooms and much much more), but it gives an idea of what we are looking to create. The main things we will have are a¬†town, questing …

David PulciferNew Concept Art – LARP City Map

Helping Out at LARP City Project

First off, I would like to thank everyone for their support so far, it has been great! We are making great progress and I appreciate all of your assistance to help with that. I have been getting a lot of questions from people on what they can do to help and I would like to make a broad announcement on …

David PulciferHelping Out at LARP City Project

The Future of the LARP City Project

In the past several days I’ve been very lucky to meet a lot of dedicated LARPers who are interested in this project, which has taught me a lot about what LARP means to people across the US and across the globe. Beyond just my own experience. As a result I’ve really looked at where this project should be going, and …

David PulciferThe Future of the LARP City Project

Welcome to our new site

Thank you for your interest in the LARP City Project! Here’s our new website were you can receive updates on the most recent activity on the LARP City project. Feel free to subscribe to this blog and also follow us on Facebook at: If you are interested in helping, please e-mail me at: [email protected]

David PulciferWelcome to our new site


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